22 May 2020
World Humanitarian Day – 19 August 2020

Each year we pay tribute to a rare group of people who run towards humanitarian crises.

World Humanitarian Day is held on 19 August to celebrate and honour the service of humanitarian workers. The day is also a chance to rally support for people affected by crises around the world.

RedR Day, a day where we celebrate the achievements of our deployees with our partners, is usually held in May each year. But, this year, we have decided to combine the two events to ensure that RedR Australia deployees are honoured alongside other humanitarians around the world on 19 August 2020. Combining the two days means our partners are able to speak to what humanitarian action is by honouring our deployees and their partnership with RedR Australia.

Since 1992, RedR Australia has mobilised professionals to apply their skills to disaster and crisis preparedness, response and recovery, and each deployee has sought to uphold the principles of humanitarianism as they work alongside the most vulnerable. RedR Australia deployees form a community who seek to build resilience and relieve suffering around the world – a legacy that is honoured each year on 19 August. 

Please monitor our website for updates as our plans for World Humanitarian Day progress. 

Click here to visit the UN website for more information on World Humanitarian Day.