About RedR Australia

RedR Australia is a leading humanitarian agency for international emergency relief. We provide skilled people and training to help communities rebuild and recover in times of crisis.

When disaster strikes, we mobilise the right people with the right skills to make a difference. Our internationally recognised training courses prepare aspiring aid workers for life in the field and help experienced humanitarians further hone their skills.

Our experts build resilience in disaster prone countries through our disaster preparedness training activities and strategic collaboration with National Disaster Management Offices throughout the Asia Pacific.

United Nations Standby Partner

RedR Australia is a Standby Partner to 11 United Nations agencies or entities and other front line relief agencies. During a humanitarian crisis, a global network of Standby Partner organisations provides additional support to UN response efforts. We are the only Standby Partner to the UN in the Asia Pacific.

Our humanitarian response work

When thousands of people flee into neighbouring countries to escape civil war, we’re there to plan refugee camps, provide clean water and shelter, ensure children can access education and advise on public health. When entire communities are left homeless by earthquakes or typhoons, we’re there to ensure the vulnerable are protected. Our people repair and rebuild infrastructure, coordinate response efforts and public communications, map and track relief activities, assist in the prevention of gender-based violence and manage the movement of essential supplies.

RedR Australia is at the forefront of disaster risk reduction. We capacity build National Disaster Management Offices in the Asia Pacific and have pre-positioned expert staff throughout the Pacific prior the cyclone season.

And we don’t just send anyone. We send the best. Our people are carefully selected and trained before deployment.

Our affiliations

RedR Australia is a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development Code of Conduct which defines minimum standards of governance, management and accountability for non-government aid agencies.  For more information about the code, including how to lodge a complaint for breach of the Code, please visit the ACFID website.

RedR Australia is a member of RedR International, a federated network of offices sharing a common vision of a world in which sufficient competent and committed personnel are available and responding to humanitarian needs.