Participate in RedR Australia’s inaugural Corporate Humanitarian Challenge!

  • Solve a humanitarian problem with creativity and collaboration
  • Work under a pressurised environment to find life-saving solutions
  • Put your technical (and personal!) skills to the test
  • Network with industry partners
Friday 24th August, Mount Macedon (an hour outside of Melbourne) 

Registration Form - Corporate Humanitarian Challenge, Friday 24 August


RedR Australia's training facilities are located in remote environments. The closest hospitals can be over 30km away. Therefore please be prepared with all your medical needs to ensure you gain the most out of RedR training opportunities. This remains your responsibility. RedR practice requests the individual to notify of all pre-existing mental and physical health requirements as well as any accommodations required to be made for you. Due to the nature of course activities, discussion may follow to determine participation in training activities. This may result in a request of certificate by a medical practitioner and/or additional professional advice with applicant excluded from services. Non-disclosure of any medical information is taken at your own risk. Please note that RedR Australia and its staff cannot provide medications to anyone on course. Therefore, if you require antihistamines or other pain relief medication or suffer allergies please remember to bring this medication with you.

For our full terms and conditions, please follow this link: