Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our recruitment process on the Join the roster page.

Dates will be advertised on the Application Process page, as well as on Facebook.

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Completion of our mandatory courses is part of the application process but does not guarantee immediate acceptance onto the RedR Humanitarian Roster. To determine your eligibility and apply, please see our Application Process page. 


Courses completed are valid for 5 years and can be done before applying to join the roster.

Yes. each application is reviewed and assessed based on current and future needs for the Humanitarian Roster and our partners. 


We do however recommend at least five years of experience in your area of expertise and one year in a development/humanitarian context because we want you to succeed and have real opportunities to deploy if/when you join the Humanitarian Roster. 

Only courses provided by other RedR entities ( eg. RedR UK) Re are currently accepted as equivalents.

Yes. RedR delivers training courses around the globe and may come to an area near you. Refer to our current training courses for more information. We can also use video-conferencing systems to organise remote interviews.

Course fees vary and can be viewed under the course listing page under Humanitarian Training.