Welcome to Australia Assists - an integrated deployable civilian capability that builds on the strengths of the Australian Civilian Corps (ACC) and the humanitarian response roster of RedR Australia. Collaboratively, RedR Australia and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) have co-designed the new integrated civilian capability that will encompass the whole disaster cycle.

Australia Assists gives highly skilled humanitarian experts the opportunity to make a real difference and build the resilience of the world’s most vulnerable before, during and after disaster or conflict.

RedR Australia, with over 25 years of emergency response experience, has deployed more than 900 specialists to over 85 countries and is the leading and only Standby Partner to the United Nations in the Asia-Pacific and wider southern hemisphere, recently signing an 11th United Nations partnership agreement with UNWRA.

As a humanitarian agency, RedR understands that the responsibility for addressing gender inequalities is shared by us and our partners. Our vision is that all those affected by humanitarian crises receive the support they need and that both women and men, girls and boys benefit equally from our activities.

RedR Australia’s standing as a leading provider of humanitarian training will ensure Australia Assists is supported by world class humanitarian learning.

Initially the Australian Civilian Corps (founded 2011) was established for stabilisation and recovery in Iraq and Afghanistan, expanding quickly into the Indo Pacific.  Enhancing Australian Government partnerships, Australia Assists experts will deploy to foreign governments, UN Agencies, national and international NGOs and the private sector. Australia Assists represents an enhanced partnership between DFAT and RedR Australia that supports the United Nations while also strengthening Australia’s bilateral and multilateral relationships held by the Australian Government.

Australia Assists will deliver more efficient deployment streams, reduce the number of service providers, deepen the pool of humanitarian experts, avoid duplication, produce greater management and administrative efficiencies; and importantly, achieve one globally recognised brand.

Australia Assists strengthens Australia’s ability to deploy the right experts, to the right places at the right times to make the best possible impact whilst operating with principles of impartiality, neutrality, voluntary service and unity.

Australia Assists Program Overview

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