Humanitarian Roster
What is it?

RedR Australia is a leading international humanitarian response agency that selects trains and deploys technical specialists globally. RedR Australia provides skilled people and training to help communities prepare, respond and recover from crises and conflict.

Humanitarian Specialists

RedR Australia maintains a roster of nearly 1000 technical experts across a range of skill areas including engineering, protection, peacekeeping and stabilisation, disaster risk management and risk reduction. RedR Australia is a member of the UN Standby Partnership (UNSBP) and has deployment arrangements with 15 UN agencies as well as a number of government, regional and civil society organisations.


The people we deploy are experts in their fields and have undertaken our training to ensure they are well prepared for field work. They hit the ground running when deployed to support disaster or conflict affected communities. RedR Australia provides ongoing training for our roster members who are also able to access training opportunities provided by our United Nations partner agencies. This means they are well equipped to provide best practice in the field.

The Deployment Process

Deployments are typically for 3-6 months.

Key Skills In Demand

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Roster FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the RedR Australia Roster.