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Training Testimonials

Training testimonials

What others say about our training

“The RedR Australia training is of a really high standard. The format of the presentation and the interactive style that RedR does so well is really great. It’s theoretical mixed with hands-on learning and it’s very effective.”
Kim Duckworth, UNICEF WASH Information Management Officer in Pakistan, 2013

“The stress management exercises taught on the PSC course came in handy in the field. The part on breathing techniques was particularly useful and helped me to remain calm when faced with a security incident.”
Nadege Bryan, OCHA Humanitarian Affairs Officer in Mali, 2012

“The Personal Security and Communications training was very constructive and I feel much more prepared to work in conflict situations. I am better equipped to look after my own safety, and the safety of those working around me as well. The rest of the team looked to me for leadership on health and security issues, which left them able to focus on treating the wounded.”
Anna Dicker, Médecins Sans Frontières head nurse in Syria, 2012 (attended RedR training prior to deployment)

“RedR Australia’s training was very helpful in preparing me for deployment. The Personal Security and Communications course made me more aware of potential security risks. I tried to always have my grab bag ready. The Essentials of Humanitarina Pracice illustrates the UN and cluster systems well, and how nutrition and other facets of emergency response fit within the larger picture.”
Briony Stevens, WFP Nutrition Specialist in Egypt, 2012 

“The training has become largely internalised, as I have been doing this work now for some time. Occasionally I have flashbacks to Dookie training while carrying out routine security practices - making sure my hands are visible at checkpoints, carrying my backpack in front of me… I catch myself thinking ‘Hey, this is all part of RedR’s training’.

The training experience was very worthwhile and I would recommend it to anyone.”
Wojciech Dabrowka, OCHA Humanitarian Affairs Officer in Myanmar, 2012 

"I was very grateful for my RedR Australia security training when faced with a drunk soldier at a checkpoint one evening in South Sudan.

Although he was waving his AK47 at my head I remained calm and logical and eventually we were allowed to leave.

I think having experienced in role play during the RedR Australia Personal Security and Communications course definitely made me calmer and I had more of an understanding of what was happening."
Christine Clarence, RedR child protection specialist, South Sudan, 2010

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Training feedback

If you have recently completed a RedR Australia training course, we'd love to get your feedback. Please click here to access a short survey, the results of which are used by the training team to further improve our courses.

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