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Core Training Courses

Essentials of Humanitarian Practice

This intensive course explores the characteristics of natural disasters and conflict-induced emergencies, the requirements for an effective international response and the needs of vulnerable people in complex and challenging settings. Participants will learn what it takes to provide effective humanitarian assistance.

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Humanitarian Logistics in Emergencies

Logistics is at the heart of all emergency operations. It encompasses the movement of goods and equipment, the relocation of disaster-affected people, transfer of casualties and the movement of aid and relief workers and volunteers. Approximately 60 - 70% of funding in each emergency is spent on logistics, highlighting the need for effective and efficient systems. Providing humanitarian logistics training to local emergency response workers is an effective part of disaster preparedness planning. If you are looking to build a career in the humanitarian sector, logistics is an in-demand skill.


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Personal Safety, Security & Communications

This course introduces a standard, recognised approach to managing security within the humanitarian sector.

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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene in Emergencies

Some of the most common needs of affected communities in any disaster - whether in a natural or conflict environment - are access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene. Appropriate interventions improving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practice have a marked improvement on reducing disease transmission, alleviating the suffering of the community, and saving lives. Providing this training to local emergency response workers is an effective part of disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness planning.

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Child Protection in Emergencies

This is a three day training course that will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of current child protection in emergencies (CPiE) practice and essential skills for leading a CPiE response.  It's a practical course that will teach you how to apply the global child protection minimum standards to formal and informal emergency settings. 



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Negotiation for Humanitarian Responders

Negotiation for Humanitarian Responders is an intensive four day residential training course that will improve your effectiveness in the field. You will learn skills that enable you to advocate for the most vulnerable, mobilise support when you need it and influence the powerful.

The aim of this course is to emphasise techniques such as active listening, mitigating anger and hostility, influencing your own and other’ negotiation positions and other essential skills. You will learn ways to advocate and defend you position on behalf of your organisation and its beneficiaries. 

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Collaborative/Customised Training Courses

Protection Capacity Standby Training

The ProCap (Stand-By Protection Capacity) Initiative has been developed to address a critical need for qualified, experienced protection personnel. ProCap seeks to strengthen existing standby arrangements by increasing the number of qualified protection personnel available for short-term missions, enhance the protection capacity within NGO standby rosters, expand the linguistic and cultural diversity of roster members, and improve the quality of temporary protection personnel through additional and comprehensive training.

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Sphere Handbook Training of Trainers

This workshop aims to train experienced trainers on the 2011 edition of the Sphere Project’s Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response and to provide an opportunity to develop their training skills. It presents modern adult education approaches to training and facilitation and provides workshop participants with an opportunity to practise these skills during the course.

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Security Risk Management Training

RedR Australia has partnered with the UNHCR Global Learning Centre in Budapest to deliver this Security Risk Management workshop. It introduces managers of humanitarian and development programmes in insecure areas to the techniques and tools of managing risk.

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Mission Aviation Fellowship

Security training for MAF employees and their families.

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Australian Medical Assistance Teams

AusMAT is a group of medical professionals and paraprofessionals that deploy to disaster areas at short notice, to provide medical support for up to two weeks.

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OCHA - CivMil Coordination

During a major emergency, many countries will call in their military organisations as part of the response effort. Effective coordination between civilian and military groups is essential to protect humanitarian interests, avoid competition and pursue common goals. 

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World Vision - security risk management

Security risk management training for World Vision employees, helping them prepare for insecure environments.

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Personal safety and security

RedR Australia provides personal safety and security training for Mission Aviation Fellowship Australia (MAF) employees and their families. 

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World Vision - hostile environments awareness

Hostile environments awareness training (HEAT) for World Vision Australia.

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OCHA First training

OCHA First training is an essential induction to the agency's policies and objectives for people joining the OCHA standby roster.


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Personal Safety & Security Workshop

RedR Australia’s one-day Personal Safety and Security Workshop will help you develop the practical skills to understand, avoid and respond to security risks.

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Essentials of Humanitarian Negotiation

RedR Australia’s Essentials of Humanitarian Negotiation course provides participants with the skills and techniques to successfully navigate complex situations in the field. 

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Our training programme is expanding as we develop new courses as well as tailored training courses available on request.

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