Who Can Be On The Roster

Who can be on the Roster?

RedR Australia has a thorough recruitment process for those wishing to join our Humanitarian Roster, ensuring we select the most suitable people for our UN and other partner agencies. RedR Australia focuses on certain specialised areas of expertise in selecting our Roster personnel. 

Please note the prerequisite for joining the RedR Australia Standby Roster is a minimum of five years' professional experience in your given field, with at least 12 months being in an international development/emergency setting. The RedR Australia Standby Roster is opened to both Australian and international applicants.

Our partner agencies call on us to supply people for the following role types. Please click on the position titles to view general Terms of Reference:

Humanitarian Affairs Officer
Information Management Officer

Nutrition Specialist
Public Health Officer

Humanitarian protection
Child Protection Officer
Protection Officer

Public Relations, Media Liaison and Mass Communications Officer
Information and Communications Technology Officer

Supply Logistician
Warehouse Manager

Shelter Specialist
Site Planner
Civil Engineer (structural and construction)
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Engineer
Water Supply Engineer

Education in Emergencies Officer

While it doesn't include all the profiles our partners call on us for, this list covers the main specialisations of RedR Australia Humanitarian Roster personnel. If your skills fall under one of these broad categories but you have a different specialisation, for example you're an engineer with geotechnical expertise, please review the closest possible fit to determine your suitability against the required skills. We will happily review your application and provide feedback.

If you have any preliminary questions, please contact: roster@redr.org.au

Meet Humanitarian Roster personnel

For more information on what our deployees do in the field, read some of their stories here.

Water and sanitation specialist, Nicole Hahn, reflects on her field assignments through RedR Australia and tells us why she loves her job.


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