What is the Humanitarian Roster?

Standby Roster

RedR Australia provides humanitarian assistance when and where it is needed the most. Our humanitarian roster - a standby roster, enables United Nations agencies, international non-government organisations and the Australian Government to access our trained experts in a humanitarian crisis.


Our humanitarian professionals draw on significant experience in a range of fields, including water and sanitation, engineering, nutrition, coordination, shelter, logistics, public health, protection, information management, project management and communications.


The people we deploy are experts in their field and have undertaken our training to ensure they are well prepared for field work. They hit the ground running when deployed to support disaster-affected communities or those in conflict. Our deployees save lives and alleviate suffering during times of crisis. RedR Australia provides ongoing training for our roster members who are also able to access training opportunities provided by our United Nations partner agencies. This means they are well equipped to provide best practice in the field.


Communications with Communities specialist Alice Clements