Celebrating Our Volunteers

Dominic O’Dwyer has been volunteering on our training courses for more than a decade and he loves the extensive personal network the opportunity has helped him create. He is also a member of our humanitarian roster and regularly deploys into international emergencies as a logistics expert.

“When I deploy into a crisis, I have plenty of people I can call on for support and if it’s a major emergency there are usually other RedR experts on mission so we provide each other with in-country support which is great,” Dominic said.

Dominic was working in a warehouse for ACT Health in Canberra when someone suggested he think about joining RedR Australia and using his knowledge of logistics to support the humanitarian sector.

“I was looking for something more morally rewarding and to make a difference so I did the training and, after 18 months, deployed to work with the World Food Programme in Sudan. That was in 2009,” Dominic said.

“My most memorable experience was deploying to the IOM after Cyclone Haiyan and helping them provide 27,500 families with shelter kits in two and a half months; that was an incredible experience,” he said.

With 10 deployments under his belt, Dominic knows the value of RedR’s training and has volunteered on half a dozen courses a year for the past decade.

The grandfather has been shot at in South Sudan and worked 18 hours a day, seven days a week on past missions. He knows the value of personal security training but his favourite training tips are the calming techniques.

“I’ve seen stressed people lose their temper and lose the support of their local staff. I’ve used the techniques and they are great for helping you sleep in stressful environments. If you can’t sleep, you burn out quickly,” he said.

Volunteers are part of our training courses regularly held in Dookie, Victoria. If you would like to volunteer on our courses, email us at training@redr.org.au