RedR Australia is an Australian public company limited by guarantee. We are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Tax Office and operate a Registered Training Organisation.

RedR Australia’s Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting our strategic direction and guiding our operations and operational direction. It approves our annual budget, ensures compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements and monitors our organisation’s performance and costs. It is accountable for our overall performance, compliance with codes of conduct and for oversight of RedR Australia’s risk management.

The Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer and delegates the operational management responsibility of RedR Australia to the CEO.

Board Members

Our Board can have up to 11 members but is currently comprised of eight non-executive directors and includes four representatives nominated by our founding bodies: Engineers Australia; Consult Australia; the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia and Professionals Australia.

The Board may include up to three representatives that are elected by financial members and up to four that are co-opted for their professional skills and expertise. Board members act in a voluntary capacity and do not receive any remuneration with the exception of reasonable travel expenses incurred in the course of their duties.

Board Nominations Committee

The nominations committee oversees the nomination of co-opted Board and Committee members.

Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct

RedR Australia is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. All Board members, employees and deployees are expected to comply with relevant laws and to sign our Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy. Board members are required to declare any potential conflict of interest.

Risk Management Fraud and Corruption Control

The Board is responsible for oversight and all employees are required to abide by our anti-bribery and corruption policy.

Reserves Policy

Our reserves policy specifies that reserves need to be retained to safeguard RedR Australia’s operations.

Emeritus Professor Elizabeth A Taylor AO (joined 2013), Engineers Australia

Mr Andreas Marquart (joined 2013), Professionals Australia

Mr Michael Marley (joined 2013), Consult Australia

Mr David Swan (joined 2013), IPWEA Australasia

Mr Mal Ralston (joined 2012), co-opted

Mr Andrew Stevenson (joined 2011), co-opted

Ms Nicole Hahn (joined Dec 2014), elected

Mr Dinesh Jayasuriya (joined Oct 2014), elected

Kirsten Sayers, CEO



Drasko Kraguljac, Director of Strategy and Partnerships



Emma Kettle, Director of Training and Capability



Keith Hawkins, Director of Finance and Corporate Services



Heidi Winder, Director of International Response


DFID has a strong and collaborative relationship with RedR Australia through the Standby Programme; a relationship which we value immensely.
Jo de Serrano, (DFID), UK Government, 2016