Fiji Appeal

Fiji Appeal

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On the 20th and 21st February, Cyclone Winston carved a path of destruction through the islands of Fiji. The initial emergency response was vital in saving lives and assisting affected communities.


Classified as a Category 5 cyclone, Tropical Cyclone Winston hit Fiji with winds of up to 230kmph and gusting at 325kmpm, affecting more than a third of the population. 43 people were killed and 337 people are still sheltering in evacuation centres, down from a peak of 54,000 in the days after the cyclone. 32,000 homes, 88 health care facilities and 500 schools were damaged. It's estimated that the cyclone caused more than $650 milllion in damage. Aid has been distributed to cyclone affected communities, however, up to 100,000 people still don't have access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene services and 150,000 need shelter assistance.

In February, RedR sent Humanitarian Affairs and Civil Military Coordinators to Suva to support the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. They helped coordinate the initial relief effort and the use of military assets to distribute much needed aid to the outer islands. So far, we've sent 10 experts to support the emergency response including a specialist in communicating with disaster-affected communities to UNICEF, a GIS mapping and information management expert  to map vital information on health risks for the World Health Organisation, a logistician and shelter coordinator to the International Organisation for Migration to assist with procurement and distribution of shelter materials and the rebuilding of homes and an ICT expert to the World Food Programme.

The funds raised from this appeal will support the deployment of our experts to Fiji.

RedR Australia sources highly skilled professionals, trains and prepares them for emergency work and mobilises them in times of crisis. Our people are technical experts in engineering, water and sanitation, logistics, nutrition, shelter, coordination, communications, public health, information management and social work. We currently have 34 people supporting global humanitarian crises in 18 countries around the world including several in Ethiopia, Malawi, PNG (drought), Jordan and Europe (refugee crisis).

To learn more about the work we do overseas click here.

For the latest information on Cyclone Winston and the aftermath, please visit OCHA’s Humanitarian Response information page here.

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